PES activism and PES manifesto.

PES activism.

I think that, while we are working in the Spanish general election campaign, we all are forgetting the European election, in the spring of 2009.

Probably you don’t know that if you are a member of one of the parties integrated inside the PES (Party of European Socialist), you can become a PES activist, signing you up in the PES web page, even with a little fee if you want.

I encourage you to become a PES activist. I think that we must overpass the national borders, like socialist, in order to support our aims in an European way. Just click here.

What is PES Manifesto and how can you become its supporter?

Moreover, PES has launched the PES manifesto, the main program of the Party for the european election campaign in 2009. But this manifesto is not a closed political document.

PES wants you to participate in a process of improvement and building of the socialist axis lines for next five years.

So you can participate clicking here.

In Facebook, you can be a supporter of PES manifesto 2009 clicking here.

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PES dijo...

Hola Chus,

I’m the editor of www.manifesto2009.pes.org. I just saw your blog entry about the PES and linked to it on the website: http://www.manifesto2009.pes.org/en/in-the-spotlight/post/197 Thanks for mentioning us – I hope you’ll stay involved on the site! You are very welcome to post and comment, also if you have any ideas from the Spanish socialists which you think the PES should consider for the manifesto.

I will very soon (in a few hours) post something about the PSOE manifesto and the proposal on how to tackle brain drain. Maybe it's interesting for you?