Follow the Spanish campaign.

Just a few lines to tell you about the Spanish general election campaign in order to allow you to follow it.

So where are we now?

Popular Party has now several ideas about immigration, penal law for children, security and economy.

Immigration: Rajoy (conservative candidate) tell us now that all the immigrants will have to sign a public agreement to be respectful with the Spanish habits. What kind of habits? Bullfighting, siesta, paella (you know: that tasteful rice...)? This idea has encouraged Filip Dewinter to say that he is proud of Rajoy.

Penal law for children: Popular Party claims a change in our penal law to extend the penal responsability to chidren from 14 to 12 years old. Statistics, as expected, say those children not to be the worst criminals. But the idea sounds safer in a conservative ear.

Security: Rajoy wants a lot of policemen and policewomen. But when he was the responsible for the Home Office with Aznar, the Police lost 10.000 employees. Zapatero has recovered them to our cities and villages. So Rajoy's nose can grow.

Economy: the conservative mass-media are extending the following idea: Spanish economy sinks. Actually, we are the eighth economic power of the world and "The Economist" (as you know, a lefty magazine) give us a good position until 2010...

In the left side, Zapatero:

We have had the Vistalegre meeting, the annual biggest meeting for the socialist people, with more than 23.000 people in Madrid. Zapatero called all the progressive people to vote on March, 9th. He want to extend our social advances, to help families, to protect human rights, to extend the social care, to extend our solidarity in the world, to protect everybody against the racism and the homophobia. He wants to share the public growing with everybody...

Just he speaks other language. A language that the right can't understand.

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