ETA, again.

ETA has made today an attempt on a Guardia Civil (Spanish Police group for traffic and rural zones) headquarters in Durango (Vizcaya, Basque Country). It is the first car bomb after the press release that declares the end of the ceasefire in the terrorist group actions.

Just yesterday, Home minister, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, told us in the radio that there was many possibilities of an ETA action because its political wing, Batasuna, hadn’t made any public declaration for all the summer. Silence in Batasuna was a bad signal, Rubalcaba argued.

This morning, there has been several reactions against the terrorist action. Vice-prime minister, Mª Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, has expressed the government possition in this issue, asking for the support of all the political forces against the terrorism.

Democratic forces has condemned the action, but the chorus was absolutely lost: there has not been a common position and the support of the government’s role has not been unanimous.

First, in one side, Acción Nacionalista Vasca (Basque Nacionalist Action, separatist party close to Batasuna) has not condemned the attempt in the Durango’s city council meeting after the bomb.
In the other side, Popular Party (Conservative) has condemned the attempt with the same energy used to attack the government. That is an impure attitude of the right, looking for a political revenue despite a sensitive issue like terrorism.

Getting a true and definitive ceasefire of ETA is as important as having a common position against terrorism by the parlamentary forces, without particular interpretations by the Popular Party, and allowing the government to take the initiative in order to defeat the last terrorist group in Europe.

It is time to stop Popular Party. They are using terrorism to win a few votes and not to defeat ETA.

Despite a common position (supporting Spanish government actions against ETA) of all the Spanish parlamentary forces (PP not included, I mean), despite a common position of the European institutions and all the European governments (conservatives included), Spanish Popular Party is the only party in EU with its own position, preferring to put the blame on Zapatero and forgetting sometimes to attack ETA.

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