Africa´s drama in Spanish coastal borders.

Europe stands blind while thousands of African people die in Spanish coastal borders, in Canary Islands. Surely, people in Denmark or Ireland ignore this fact.
Spanish border control in Mediterranean and Gibraltar Strait has driven illegal immigration mobs to try the way between Mauritanian coast and Canary Island, following Western Sahara coast for miles and miles and turning west for more miles to carry the poor, blind people to "European paradise". If Gibraltar Strait is only a 14 miles trip, this new way takes lots of miles, from 200 miles to up, with bad weather, the hard ocean and the worst boats you have ever seen. This new trip across the Atlantic Ocean is harder and longer than crossing from Tunisia to Italy or from Algeria to Spain, but there is less control of Spanish Coast Guard.

European institutions don´t pay attention to this problem. They say it´s a Spanish internal problem and it must be solved with border control and more and more policemen. They ignore it´s a human drama.

Of course, Mauritanian government has not ships and radars to control their sea.
Of course, Spain doesn´t expect Morocco regime to help in this question (has Morocco understood human rights any time?? Not). Even, Morocco's illegal occupation of Western Sahara make this question harder to solve. When Moroccan authorities catch people trying to arrive to Spain, they put them in Sahara desert without water or food, ready for a sure death. It´s easier to see Polisario Front (fighters for a free Western Sahara) helping this people in the middle of the Sahara, giving them all they have to avoid a human live death than seeing Moroccan government worried to help this people.
Of course, Gibraltar (the other way) is not more than a free-tax paradise for British, a little point of the ancient British Empire, stolen to Spain in 1714, a point for washing money, a point for being European for rights but not for taxes.
Canary Islands is as European as Helsinky. This islands produce lots of euros thanks to tourism, and Canarian people pay their taxes properly (not like Gibraltarian). But if you watch properly a 20 euros note you can see only five of seven islands, with the French not-continental territories. It seems that EU considers Canary Island a rare territory, not a part of EU, plenty of rights, including the right to be helped in this humanitarian chaos.
Meanwhile, an undetermined number of people, near of 2,000 according to Spanish Government delegate in Canary Islands, could have died each month in 2005-2006, sunk with their boats in the ocean. Nobody knows the number. Dead people appear in Spanish water in the South of Canary Islands or in the hot sand of the beaches all over the coast. And Europe stands blind.

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